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Mochaccino (Coffee and Hot Chocolate)
Chocolate Mocha Sauce

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Chocolate Mocha Sauce

This is a chocolate sauce for chocolate lovers! Made with real Belgian chocolate and a hint of espresso, this sauce is perfect for fondue, baking, topping, or just sneaking by the spoonful!

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Mochaccino (Coffee and Hot Chocolate)    

Kitchen Connaisseur Chocolate Mocha Sauce makes preparing a good quality hot chocolate very easy. You will find several variations on this international favorite in our recipe collection - including: Hot Chocolate with Maple Drizzle, Mexican Hot Chocolate, and Frangelico Hot Chocolate.

Makes 2 Servings

1 1/2 cups Coffee - brewed (strong French Roast)
2 cups Milk - whole
1/2 cup Chocolate Mocha Sauce
1/2 cup Whipping cream - whipped
Drizzle Chocolate Mocha Sauce
1. Brew a pot of robust French Roast or Espresso style coffee.
2. Pour the milk into a heavy sauce pan. On low heat warm the milk and whisk in the Chocolate Mocha Sauce. Turn the heat to medium high and allow the mixture to become very hot or “scald” but do not allow to boil. Whisk frequently. Reduce the milk to simmer and using a hand mixer (high speed) or a frother – froth the milk.
3. Pour the coffee into the serving cups or latte bowls. Pour the frothed hot chocolate over the top. To serve top with generous amounts of whipping cream. Drizzle Chocolate Mocha Sauce over the whipping cream and serve immediately

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